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Parul Tailor

VP-Business Development

Parul helps find new business opportunities for Arun. She holds degree in business from Indiana University, Bloomington from Kelly School of Business. Parul brings her corporate experience of working with large commercial banks, GE capital and Tyco to Arun and helps with defining finance strategies and client management. She has over 25 years of experience working with commercial business related matters in finance, accounting, marketing and business strategies.

Her practical knowledge of business helps firm to achieve very organized effort in firm’s finance, accounting and marketing related matters. She also plays key role in client communications and seeking new business ideas to make ‘Arun’ a better quality consulting firm among its peers. Her collaborative style of work and client oriented actions help firm achieve its goal of ‘client first’ motto. She is responsible for overall business related matters within the firm including its marketing efforts and client management.

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