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About us

Arun, Inc. was founded in March of 2007 with the goal of providing design innovations with client first thinking. At this front Arun, Inc. strives to provide the most innovative solutions to projects and apply the utmost care in working through different design phases.


Engineers at Arun, Inc. carries Engineering licenses in following states:


Arizona, California, Texas, New York, New Mexico, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Colorado




  • We focus on providing our clients with best imaginative and responsible structural solutions to the engineering problems.

  • We are prepared to provide a professional service to architects, owners/builders, and contractors.

  •  Prompt responsiveness to the needs of our client is our top priority in our work.

  • We believe in open culture where thoughts are encouraged and ideas are given thought of possible solutions to the problem, this way we develop new and innovative solutions for complex engineering problems, which we face in today’s world.

  • We staff each project in an effective and economical manner sharing knowledge, experience, engineering information and resources to get the best results of our  



Focus areas:


  • Hospitality

  • Multifamily

  • Condominiums

  • Office/Retail

Our Team.

Arpan B. Tailor, PE, SE, Fellow-ASCE, Fellow-SEI, Past President-SEAOA

Tel: (480) 560-7007

Parul Tailor
VP-Business Development

Tel: (480) 540-7545

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